Artists certainly out there

Central’s Artists Out There course is suitable for those who possess art skills and wish to set up their own independent practice. The current student cohort is well on their way having established their own gallery show at YMCA HQ Gallery in Leederville.  After seeing the show I caught up with Artists Out There lecturer Camilla Loveridge to find out more…

Do the Artists out There class always have an annual exhibition like this?

Yes, they have an exhibition (as a group) each year, and then exhibit with other Artlinks students around early November on an annual basis.

As these students will be ‘out there’ practicing as artists next year, it makes good sense that they have exhibition experience. The organisation and presentation of this show has been an invaluable experience for them, and this will again be reinforced when they join other Artlinks students in the campus show.

This is the first time Artists out There students have exhibited at the YMCA HQ Gallery. Last year, under the guidance of their tutor Tania Ferrier, Freight Gallery (Daada) was hired.


Is there anything you’d like to say about the group?

I thoroughly enjoy my job as the current Artists Out There tutor. The overall objective of this course is to promote a practice of sharing and cooperation among students as emerging artists. The bond and the support that has developed among this group is palpable. The environment has become nurturing yet very stimulating because of this.  The students work so diligently, and are maturely focused and passionate about their work – all the ingredients are there for fulfilment in an arts practice!

The course prepares students for becoming independent artists. What specific things do you teach them?

Fundamentally, students are taught that independent arts practice involves networking and communicating with other artists and professional people. This includes sharing ideas and being inspired by other artists (not working in isolation), being focused and yet thinking laterally, and being interested in what is going on around them in the contemporary art world.

“Out There” means, literally, that…to be ready and inspired to engage in arts practice. This course offers students insight into this world, through practical means. They are encouraged to expand and develop their interests, art style, knowledge of art theory and some art history, as a means of being connected to the art scene and its visual language.


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