Honours for ArtLinks students

Two of Central’s current ArtLinks students, Chris Johnson and Colleen Fletcher, recently won awards for their work, both of which were exhibited in the ‘Open Minds Open doors’  exhibition during October in Fremantle.

Chris won the Kay Merrin Art Award for her piece entitled ‘Contemplation’, while Colleen won the DADAA WA Art Award for her picture entitled ‘Out of My Hands’.

'Out of my hands' by Colleen Fletcher
‘Out of my hands’ by Colleen Fletcher

The exhibition is an annual event for people living with a mental illness and for people working in the mental health field.  It offers people the opportunity to exhibit their work and win an award. Now in its 13th year, the exhibition is run by DADAA and held on the grounds of the Fremantle Hospital’s Alma Street Centre.

DADAA is a not-for-profit community arts and cultural development organisation, focusing on creating significant positive social change and opportunities for people with a disability or a mental illness.

'Contemplation' by Chris Johnson
‘Contemplation’ by Chris Johnson

Congratulations Chris and Colleen.


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