Musical life of Riley

(Photographs kindly supplied by Shoshana Kruger)

Emerging local solo artist Riley Pearce released his debut EP, We are fools, back in June, with the title track receiving airtime on the career-making Triple J.  A current student at Central’s Music school, Riley took some time out from his studies to answer a few questions about the journey he has been on since playing his first notes…


When did you first develop an interest in playing music?

I started playing guitar when I was in Grade 1.  I can’t remember whether it was my parent’s decision, but I loved it. I didn’t like learning songs that my teacher wanted to teach me though.  I always would bring songs to them, hoping they could teach me how to play my favourite songs.


What course did you study at Central?

I’m studying my Cert IV in Music Business at the moment. There’s a lot of work, but I’m really enjoying it.


What did the course teach you?

I went into the course wanting to learn more about how the music industry operates and how to put myself in better stead to make a career from my music. I’ve met some amazing people and had chances I might never have had, or even known were possible.


What was great about coming to Central?

I really enjoy the hands-on approach. I did a Uni degree before this and I felt very lost in the classroom. Your lecturers don’t know who you are and to be honest, I don’t think they cared.  My teachers at Central are always coming to me with opportunities to benefit my career or gigs and I really appreciate all they do for us.


Tell me a bit about making your new EP?

It was very much a case of me just wanting to get something out and give to people at shows, or when I busk. I had a lot of fun making it and the EP launch night was one of the best night’s I’ve had.


How do you find the process of writing lyrics?

It’s always hard. I try very hard and pride myself on having songs with good meaningful lyrics. Sometimes it comes naturally, other times it can take you months just to get one line right.


Who’s been the biggest influence on you in your musical journey/how have they inspired you?

Probably my Dad.  He works really hard, and a lot of the time in music you won’t get anywhere if you don’t work hard and chase the chances that come up.


Where can people see you over the next couple of months?

I’ll be supporting Lisa Mitchell & Josh Pyke at Wanneroo Showgrounds on Saturday November 9 and also playing on the Wetlands Stage at the Perth Cultural Centre earlier on the same day.

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