Eagles helping students soar

Central is proud to have partnered with The West Coast Eagles and the West Australian Football Commission to develop training that gives students the chance to blend their academic study with their love of AFL.

Students are released from their studies twice a week to enable them to improve their footy knowledge and skills. The course is based at Central’s Leederville campus.

One of those making the most of the opportunity is Rhys Holdman who is studying for his Diploma of Sport Development and part of his course involves gaining coaching and work experience with the Eagles and the Subiaco Lions.

“I am pretty lucky to be playing football and gaining a qualification at the same time. It beats sitting in the classroom all day,” said Rhys, from Esperance.

“We have been able to work with people who are currently involved with footy at the highest level. I have enjoyed being outdoors and having the opportunity to further develop my skills and knowledge of the game”.


At their guest training sessions, the Eagles players and support staff deliver specialised coaching, cover the marketing and running of events, coaching in the community and sports science sessions utilising GPS.

West Coast Eagles schools & community program co-ordinator Kim Hannah, said the partnership was helping all parties. “This is a great opportunity for students to take their passion for sport to another level and gain a recognised qualification,” he said.

As well as spending time on football, male and female students also study subjects including sports science, strength and conditioning, event management and psychology.

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