Hairdressing Showcase Lets Creativity Loose

The Heath Ledger Theatre was a very appropriate setting for ‘Nine’ the recent hairdressing showcase event that brought lashings of glamour to a packed auditorium.

The industry extravaganza also served as a concluding graduation ceremony for the first Central students to complete the Vocational Graduate Certificate in Hairdressing Leadership.

The course completion by this pilot group is not just a first for WA, it is an Australian first.  The brand new qualification has been tailored for industry leaders looking to formalise their experience and build diverse skill sets.  In addition to allowing hairdressers to develop their existing skills, they also get to collaborate with their peers to acquire a far broader skill set that will set them apart as innovative, fully qualified, industry leaders.

First up was a show styled by Aldo Muia, featuring a collection that was dramatically inspired by sirens and mermaid folklore.  In ‘Urban Sirens’, classic head hugging looks with sea pearls and wisps of seaweed green combined seamlessly  to reflect all the elements found in sea sand and water.


Liliana Pisano was the second show of the night with a ‘Summer of Love’ collection that harked back to the wistful, hippie 1970s era.

“I was seeking looks of simplicity and beauty that are totally wearable and adaptable for everyday”, said Lillian.


‘Vivid Collection’ was the very apt title of the work presented by Lisa Polini, which reflected the dazzling laser shows she saw during her trip to Hair Expo in Sydney earlier this year.  Electrifying colours in both hair and make-up were blended with smoke, green lasers and sci-fi lighting to create a futuristic end product.


Free Wild hair.  Untamed curls.  Glam rock shapes.  Just some of the ingredients blended to create the’ Never say Never’ presentation by Jude Dierden.  Youthful rebellion and confidence aplenty emanating from the models as they stalked the stage accordingly.


Next up was Zoe Giorgio and ‘The Day That Grunge Became Glam’.  Everyone loves a bit of dishevelment but Zoe brought a glamour twist to the mix.

‘”With my colour work I wanted depth, definition and texture teamed with bold, bright, deep colour and clean beautiful blondes to show all aspects of my glamorous grunge vision”, said Zoe and who are we to argue?


‘The Allude Collection’ was brought to the stage by Jodie Brown.  It may sound like the name of a fey lounge band, but allude actually means to ‘refer casually or indirectly’.  Structure was the fulcrum on which the collection was built with fashion, makeup and hairstyle of the 1920s merging perfectly for a taste of Gatsby glamour.


Can you walk like an Egyptian?  It’s not easy, especially if you are carrying a tray of drinks.  The models in Peter Direnzo’s show glided across the stage like the moves were second nature.  Peter’s The ‘Golden Age Collection’ drew inspiration from ancient Egyptian women using beautiful aesthetic make up.  The stunning show with an eastern flavour featured natural loose curls and textured voluminous updos, which is perhaps my favourite three word combo of this whole blog, let alone article.


Show number eight was all about Cult.  Nicole Bosenburg drew on some underground subcultures such as Gothic and Psychobilly to create a dark and alluring end product.

Vinyl and leather were prominent, coupled with plenty of dark shadowing employed to create the alternative, cult-ish vibe.


Metamorphosis was the final show of the nine.   Antonio Sorgiovanni’s finale blending the symbolism of the butterfly with the classic Cinderella fairy-tale.  The show charted the progressive development of the infamous heroine with phases that included mischievous schoolgirl, punk rebel before concluding in ethereal, doll like beauty.  The contemporary interpretation of a classic story was a fitting conclusion to a night that was all about imaginative creativity.


Congratulations to this pioneering group of graduates and everyone who worked tirelessly to put together an appropriately lavish visual feast.

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