Snakes a welcome surprise for international students

First day at college is often filled with nerves and anxiety especially for international students and this year was no exception, but not in the way you might expect.

Fresh from their very first Australia Day, our new international students were introduced to some of Australia’s most iconic animals as part of their Orientation Day on 28 January.

Students had the opportunity to get up close and personal with a python, blue tongue lizard, tawny frogmouth owl and dingo as part of their welcome to both Australia and Central.

360 new international students from over 80 countries were warmly welcomed at Central’s East Perth campus.

Arriving in a brand new country and beginning study with people you don’t know can be daunting. However, a variety of presentations and guest speakers, helped put minds to rest covering topics ranging from visa requirements, campus orientation, and of course the vital ‘ how to avoid sunstroke’.

Orientation Day is of course about welcoming new students to the world of Central, but it also has a key role in helping new arrivals land in Australia as smoothly as possible.DSC03751groupResized

“We have Student Advisors and Mentors supporting our international students across all Institute portfolios, providing both academic and personal support in conjunction with our two dedicated International Student Counsellors”, said new International Centre Manager Anne Bauer.

The Orientation Day concluded with students being introduced to native Australian animals which helped them to relax and form new friendships with other new students. Though the python attracted more than its fair share of nervous glances, the animals were a huge success. Many were bewildered coming face to face with creatures that they had never even heard of, but all left with smiles on their faces and more confident about beginning their student journey here at Central.

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