Central’s Rockin’ Daddies Blast Northbridge Venue

At Central, the talent doesn’t stop with the students. Northbridge’s best band room and bar, The Bird, recently showcased Central staff talent with former punk purveyor and now Managing Director, Neil Fernandes, playing support to Predrag (Pex) Delibascih’s new power pop outfit Night Signals.

Predrag Delibascih with Night Signals
Predrag Delibascih with Night Signals

Neil, best known for his work with 80’s group Manikins, started the night with an original set, which someone in the audience described as Ryan Adams meets Lou Reed.

Neil’s guitar playing is raw, jagged, and loud, even in slower ‘country’ ballads. His songs are somewhat experimental and definitely push the boundaries – quite surprising considering his role as a senior bureaucrat managing one of Perth’s largest public sector organisations.

Neil Fernandes
Neil Fernandes

Night Signals on the other hand played more standard rock pop set but did it sure handily and the band has already garnered a strong following.

Central Art Gallery staffer Predrag has been playing in several bands of diverse style – from punkish Soviet Valves, to noisy Bamodi, to downright experimental Abe Sada.

This writer feels his new gig with Night Signals will signal more commercial success as they have the perfect blend of great pop/rock hooks and melodies with a strong rock sound.

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