Sculpting Success

Central Art graduates and lecturers enjoy continued success at the 11th annual Sculpture Walk at Deep Point Mt Pleasant with former Central student Lisa Dymond taking away the top prize.

The event features 27 sculptures and runs from 21 March to 6 April to showcase the talent of both established and emerging artists in an outdoor setting.

“The Sculpture Walk event gives us the opportunity to enjoy Deep Water Point in a new way and gain a deeper appreciation of our surroundings and I would encourage everyone who visits the Sculpture Walk to also walk along the new jetty, which is now wider and accessible to all and is the first phase in an overall redevelopment of the site,” said City of Melville Mayor Russel Aubrey.

Former Central students feature heavily in the exhibition with former students Tich Dixon, Isis Dorado, Lisa Dymond, Jonathon Holding, Belinda Mettam, Karen Millar and Lecturer Tony Jones all exhibiting sculptures.

This year’s Sculpture Walk prize winner, Lisa Dymond took home the top prize with her work ‘Where are the Carters? ‘ a great follow up to her high commendation the previous year. Her piece is all about bringing awareness to the plummeting population of fresh water mussels called Carters that used to be prolific in the Canning River.

Belinda Mettam’s sculpture ‘Illuminated Vessels’ was highly commended for her exploration of illumination from within.

If it’s the only exhibition you see this year, don’t miss the Sculpture Walk – another exhibition that showcases the calibre of Central’s art students.

'Illuminated Vessels' by Belinda Mettam
‘Illuminated Vessels’ by Belinda Mettam
Sculpture Walk
‘Global Division’ by Jonathan Holding
'Medusa Bloom' by Karen Millar
‘Medusa Bloom’ by Karen Millar
'Transit Reef' by Tony Jones
‘Transit Reef’ by Tony Jones


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