Pixel’s giant art transforms Central

Necks are currently craning up at Central’s 25 Aberdeen Street premises which is rapidly being transformed by a 10 metre artwork.

The wall features the latest work from Pixel Pancho. Pixel is an Italian street artist from Turin.

His work is one of the shining lights of FORM’s PUBLIC: Art in the city.  This is a celebration of urban art and creativity that has brought urban, visual and digital artists into WA from around the world. Over 40 walls and laneways around the city are currently being transformed with street art, projections, installations, and public events.

The title of the work translates as ‘Self protection of the immigrant in ourself’ and relates to  both the migrants coming to Australia to make a new world and how we are all immigrants in our own way.

Pixel Pancho specialises in large wall murals and is one of the top artists in his field.  He creates “anatomical street robots” inspired by different environments, claiming that his work is intended to provoke the viewer to ask the question, “are we all just machines?”.

He originally learnt the principles of colour and form from his grandfather, before honing his skills at art school in Valencia, Spain where he was first introduced to graffiti and urban art.

His work has featured across the globe from Lisbon to Los Angeles and Central is delighted to have been selected as his latest urban canvas.



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