New National Qualifications for Engineering Students

Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) might not sound particularly exciting, but it plays a crucial role in ensuring optimum and effective equipment operations across many industries.

NDT examines equipment materials and components for monitoring operations and maintenance without impacting their usefulness. It ensures cost effective operation, safety and reliability and has become a key part of all industrial equipment construction.

Central’s Engineering department has just become one of two Non Destructive Testing approved training organisations and qualifying bodies in WA.

It allows Central to train and examine NDT methods for use in industry and create a valuable revenue stream.

The Institute can now hold certification exams at the end of any NDT training, without the unnecessary delay of waiting for approvals from the national body. Previously, participants had to wait for nationally scheduled exams held by the Australian Institute of Non-Destructive Testing (AINDT).

As an approved training provider, Central is able to offer more comprehensive engineering training package and attract additional people to the world of NDT.

The first NDT exams were held on 14 March and are a significant milestone in Central‘s journey as a centre of excellence in engineering.

The new certification in NDT provides current and potential engineering students a greater array of qualifications and maximises the skills our graduates can bring to their engineering career.


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