Urban Art for Ever

If you have been to Central’s Perth campus of late you can’t fail to have noticed the two spectacular works of urban art that now adorn external walls on the western and eastern sides of 25 Aberdeen Street.

These eye grabbing compositions were a result of Central being invited to join FORM’s public art project in April.  The celebration of urban art and creativity in both Perth and the Pilbara brought together urban, visual, and digital artists from around the world. Walls and laneways were transformed in pursuit of (as beautifully put by FORM on their website) ‘celebrating creativity as a public good’.

Following the event I caught up with Ever (real name Nicolás Romero) who completed the work entitled ‘Migration’ that overlooks the laneway between Francis and Aberdeen Street.

How did you get to be in Perth for FORM’s PUBLIC: Art in the City programme?

I was invited a year ago to participate in the project. I think they saw my work and luckily they liked it.  It is an honour to help create new visual experiences for people and especially in different parts of the world. I was very happy to come to Australia, more than anything Perth, the most isolated city in the world.

Was it your first visit to Australia? If so, what are the memories and impressions you take away with you?

Yes, it was my first time in Australia. I was excited to go but to be honest I was a bit worried as the principal industry is mining.  However, when I got there I realised that Perth is a city that wouldn’t repeat the mistakes of other modern cities. People are passionate about changing the city through art, and I respect that.


Did you know what you were going to paint before you came?

No. I never know what I am going to paint. I always like to paint something that relates to the context of the environment, so I can only decide that when I get there. When I’m in front of the wall, it’s like an invisible feedback.

My piece talks about migrating to another place, the fact of moving thoughts, cultures and body. The big figure represents the arrival at a site, and the face is the new knowledge that is deposited in the door. Sometimes the door opens or closes it depends on the point of view of the observer.

What do you love about working on buildings, walls, doors etc.?

I like that challenge of working on such big structures, both physically and creatively. The challenge is to bring the idea from paper to a large building.  The interesting thing is that sometimes new ideas came at the time of the realisation, meaning that there is 60% improvisation in the process. Sometimes painting buildings or large structures suggests that everything is organised, but also it is good not be organised.

Migration by Ever, 2014. Produced as part of FORM’s PUBLIC: Art in the City programme, April 2014.
Migration by Ever, 2014. Produced as part of FORM’s PUBLIC: Art in the City programme, April 2014.

For anyone out there who would like to make art their world and hopefully their job, what advice would you give?

Don’t pay attention to your parents. Try to hear your interior voice, the fear is just a concept, the mind is everything.



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