Graphic Design Students Bug Minister’s office

Graphic Design students have bugged the office of the WA minister for Training, but not how you might think.

One class exercise for the Graphic Design portfolio at Central went so well, the end result now sits on the wall of the WA Minister for Training’s office!

First year students in Central’s Certificate III Printing and Graphic Art (Graphic Design Production) were tasked with constructing inventive images using alphabetic characters and glyphs.

The class, who have only completed one month’s training, created a series of ‘Typobugs’. Typobugs are colourful insects composed purely of typographical elements. The striking images were collated together to form the artwork that has been loaned out to Minister Dr Kim Hames MLA .

The aim of the exercise was to encourage the students to combine their creativity with their newly learnt skills.

“As a cooperative class exercise it encouraged creative interpretation and expression. It instilled confidence by collectively exhibiting their newly acquired skills and knowledge”, said lecturer Karel Wohlnick.

The talent of Central Graphic Design students is literally on display. If have a passion for characters and design, Central Graphic Design might just be for you.

View Central’s Graphic Design courses

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