The path to the mines

Over two days, a special ‘Get into Resources’ event at Central Institute of Technology engaged high school students with presentations, activities and talks that gave a snapshot of the career prospects available in the industry.

Get into Resources is an annual event held for Year 10 secondary school students who are about to make their career choices and subject selection for senior school. Students rotate through a series of 30 minute activities and presentations from a range of resources careers.

The workshops featured intimate insights into a range of occupations from industry professionals. These included geologists, surveyors, metallurgists, environmental scientists, engineers, health and safety, human resources, technicians and tradespeople. The workshops help Year 10 students prepare the appropriate school subjects for their specific area of interest.


Current resource industry workers working at the event gave the students an opportunity to meet and chat with people already working in the industry who could answer any queries and tell their own stories of working in the field.

Students also had the opportunity to visit the CUT Mine, Central’s unique, simulated underground mining tunnel which plays a key role in preparing skilled and productive workers for the industry. Graduates who train in the facility are able to report for induction at their respective companies already experienced in underground mining safety and protocol.

The Get into Resources event is well supported by resource companies and other organisations that are keen to address the predicted shortfall in trained and qualified personnel the resources industry may face in the future. For students looking to enter the industry, this annual showcase remains the ideal place to discover the study and skill paths that can take them there.




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