Feliz Navitas

Central officially launched its new training partnership with Australian global education leader Navitas last week, with the latter securing a contract earlier this year to provide English language courses for some of Central’s international students.

Navitas was selected to begin providing English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students (ELICOS) on behalf of Central at its Northbridge campus.

Navitas has a strong business relationship with Central and already provides employment pathway, workforce training and development and Adult Migrant Education Programs.

Central has been delivering ELICOS programs since the mid-1990s and currently delivers courses to between 160 and 250 students a week.

Lyndell Fraser – CEO Navitas Professional and English Programs

Ms Sally Waite, Executive General Manager, Careers & Learning Skills said the new partnership with Central was a win-win for the education sector in WA.

“At present, around 50 per cent of Central’s ELICOS students continue their studies either with Central or with other state training providers in WA, so we hope that we can bring Navitas’ scale and long experience to the partnership and help to grow the international student market here in Perth”, said Ms Waite.

Central MD Neil Fernandes reinforced the benefits of this new partnership to both organisations.

“I remember Navitas Managing Director Rod Jones presenting at a higher education forum a few years ago.  Rod explained what NAVITAS stood for, and how the values they brought to any partnership included mutual benefit.

This idea resonated with us here at Central and the concept of mutual benefit is profoundly evident in the relationship we’ve forged though this program and in the other areas where we work closely together”, said Neil.


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