Geo-metropolitan shopfronts

Local artist Trevor Richards has transformed five empty shopfronts adjacent to Central on Beaufort Street.

The Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority in partnership with Central, commissioned Richards to create a strip of designs linking the spaces and enlivening the disused shopfronts. Richards has applied striking geometrical designs utilising vinyl shapes in a range of colours to maximise the effect.

Richards artwork draws on a wide range of influences, including Islamic patterning, architectural modeling, tessellations and an interest in the play of structures in everyday life.

The first shopfront was completed by Trevor in early 2013.  The design was derived from a floor tile pattern discovered at the New Norcia Hotel, formerly a Benedictine Hostel.

It has endured so well that a decision was made to extend the idea down the block. All the designs, completed in July 2014, are inspired by mosaic tile patterns from churches and other buildings around the world.

Shopfront artist Central

The purpose of the project is to create a sense of wonder, to animate a vacant space, and transform the streetscape. Thousands of passing pedestrians, drivers and passengers will glimpse these vibrant patterns daily while passing.

Trevor Richards lives and works in Fremantle. His practice over the past thirty years has encompassed painting, sculpture, video, photography and installation.


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