Central Students Tackle the World Cup

Much like the world game itself, Broadcast Television is more than simply having a good shot. It requires months of hard work, dedication and teamwork to get a professional job done.

For the past month, the world has been swept up by World Cup fever. To have such a massive event beamed instantly to homes across the globe is no small feat. The success of such a task is, in part, thanks to individuals such as Broadcast Television Lecturer Peter Wharram and Central students Liam Oz and Jovan Witts.


The two Advanced Diploma of Screen and Media (Broadcast Television) students were offered the incredible opportunity for work experience with Central’s Peter Wharram in Brazil.

This is the first time Central students have had the opportunity to work at such a high profile media event.

Peter Wharram has worked at the last six World Cups and Olympic Games and has vast experience in ensuring these massive television events run smoothly.


Central students, Liam and Jovan are two of Peter’s most promising students and were offered this once in a lifetime experience so long as they paid their own way. They travelled to Brazil during their term break to take part in the pre-game preparation.

The students spent two weeks working in Porto Alegre, putting their television broadcasting skills to the test. They learnt valuable lessons, not only about the world of broadcasting, but also issues that can emerge when working in other cultures.

Peter showed the students the realities of working on such high profile events. Failure is not an option; it’s your job to make sure everything is completed by the deadline because there is no chance of extra time.


When Liam and Jovan first arrived, the broadcast facilities had to be built literally from the ground up. This included laying over 300km of cables and constructing all the broadcast facilities.

At the outset, the facilities were little more than a pile of dirt and required a little bit of work shall we say, to become a state of the art broadcast facility for the largest sporting event on the planet.

For Jovan it was one of the most rewarding experiences he has ever taken part in.

“This, for me, has been the opportunity of a lifetime and an experience I will always remember. I never thought when I was watching the 2010 World Cup at home, that four years later I would travel to Brazil to be a part of it”, said Jovan.

So if you can see yourself as more than a spectator at the next World Cup, longing to bring the world to the game, Central’s Broadcast Television courses may be just the ticket.

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One thought on “Central Students Tackle the World Cup”

  1. Good on you Peter W. I remember in my early days of broadcast just how important it was to have those few ‘elders’ of the profession that took the time to guide my work and career. You have become one of those ‘elders’ of broadcast and tv. thanks


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