Industry showcase for design students

Central industrial design students’ continuing high profile and success at VIVID (Vibrant Visions in Design) has been recognised with the Institute given a unique opportunity to exhibit past and current students’ work at the largest furniture trade show in the country.

The organisers of Furnitex, of which VIVID is the centrepiece, approached the Industrial Design program at Central to create an exhibition display space in the main arena showcasing work from the multiple award-winning course.

The display was well attended, with local and international visitors to the stand being impressed by the content in the designs and superb level of making skills clearly evident in the prototypes.

“This was an interesting exercise for us all, and was a clear indicator and reminder of the incredible achievements and high-level design skills our students have been demonstrating for many years,” said Industrial Design Coordinator Peter Kitely. “Being so close to the work, we tend to forget just how fabulous the work has been and how it just keeps on getting better and better.”

Once again Central was the most represented institution in the VIVID competition event, with 15 finalists among the 58 emerging designers selected from around the country. VIVID provides an opportunity for students to have their work analysed, critiqued and evaluated by industry experts. It is also Australia’s longest-running design competition for new and emerging designers.

Central industrial design student Yulia Holil in particular gained the attention of the judges and took home the Green Award for her Sandwiched Shelf design, a modular and adjustable free-standing shelving system. The judges noted that the piece was designed for disassembly, flat packed for a reduced transportation impact and carbon footprint, and the modular design ensures continued use and relevance.

Yulia Holil, Sandwiched Shelf, Green Award Winner
Yulia Holil, Sandwiched Shelf, Green Award Winner

Yulia was delighted to pick up the Green Award.

“By now, designing sustainably, responsibly, and effectively has become a part of my design process, which I go through in every project”, she said.

> Find out more about Central’s furniture design (Industrial Design) courses

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