Watch The Dreamhouse

“Every so often a TV show comes along that changes the way we think about others, about society, about ourselves.

Positively, for the better and in a way that enriches the lives of everyone”

– Paul Kalina, The Age, 31/07/14

Tonight on ABC sees the start of The Dreamhouse, an Artemis International production that invited three young adults with intellectual disabilities into a new home for ten weeks.  If it all works out for them they can stay on and call the place home.

The six part series, narrated by Adam Hills, documents life changing journeys for the three individuals and their families.

Susan Walshe, a Central lecturer who trains students to work with people with disabilities was delighted to be involved in the show.  She worked alongside one of her students, Sarah Brown, who completed a Certificate IV in Disability Work here at Central. Matilda Martin who also volunteered to be involved is currently completing her Diploma of Community Services.

At one point or another all three of the housemates have completed some training here at Central.


Susan was thrilled at the opportunity to work on the production.

“I was happy for the opportunity to get back to working directly with people and I can safely say I got way more out of the experience than I put in”, she said.

“It reignited my passion as to why I am working in the disability field.  Even the actual filming itself was a great experience, in terms of working with a very respectful and sensitive crew who knew exactly when it was appropriate to proceed and when to pull back.”

Such as show hasn’t been seen on Australian TV before in terms of examining increasing independence for people with a disability, in close parallel with how such change affects their immediate families.

I don’t want to spoil the outcomes for those of you all set to watch it, but needless to say it is a powerful, poignant journey for everyone involved.

Find out more about Central’s Health, Education and Community Services courses.

4 thoughts on “Watch The Dreamhouse”

  1. Fabulous show – I particularly liked the support workers they were supportive but were able to provide just the right amount of support to get the housemates to make great decisions. I’m hoping it works out to be a success for all of these young people.


  2. Fabulous to see an initiative to support people with disabilities transitioning to a more independent lifestyle. I was pleased to see the volunteers supporting the housemates in a manner that enabled them to develop their skills and achieve success as a team! (operating the oven in the house for the first time) I’ll be watching the whole series!


  3. My name is Patrick

    My mum likes this program and she loved it.

    I will always reccomend this program and I will watch the whole series every thursday night.

    Patrick Ricciardo


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