Dockers in Training

The Fremantle Dockers are committed to providing support and training to their players both during and following their playing careers. They recognize that players need to be ready to tackle life after football and Central Institute of Technology is a contributor towards that goal.

Six Dockers are set to complete their Diploma in Youth Work later this year at Central. Michael Johnson, Stephen Hill, Danyle Pearce, Clancee Pearce, Jonathon Griffin and Michael Walters have all been completing their work-based assessment and training.

The group has been working with Central’s Lena Charlick at the Leederville campus, receiving training that enables them to prepare for life outside football as well as empowering them to further contribute to the community.

The six players have taken an opportunity to gain new skills and a qualification that compliments their current, ongoing community work.

They are already heavily involved in a number of community projects including mentoring vulnerable youths and visiting remote communities.

Today’s footballers are more than just sportsmen; they are ambassadors for their club and the game and have a responsibility to represent each to the best of their ability.

Training in Youth Work will enable the players to provide support and opportunities to some of the country’s most vulnerable young people, as well as setting a platform for life after football.

If Youth Work interests you see for more information.

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