Technology lends a hand at adult migrant English classes

Central’s integration of iPads in the Adult Migrant English Program (AMEP) has been well received by students. The tactile, interactive nature of the learning apps on an iPad add another dimension to the learning experience for students, some of whom are learning to read and write for the first time – in English. In these cases, literacy skills need to be developed from the ground up.

The apps selected by Central lecturers allow learners to practice reading, writing, listening to and producing the sounds of English in an interactive way, at a pace that can be controlled by the learner. Some examples of this include tracing and writing letters and words, memory/matching games, flash cards, and crosswords. With each student having their own iPad in the classroom, more capable learners are able to move ahead and remain engaged, while the teacher can monitor, facilitate and assist others as required.

The response from students has been very positive, with some students purchasing the same apps for their own personal devices in order to get more practice outside the classroom.

“There are still plenty of apps to be explored and many novel ways in which the iPads can be used to develop English language skills at all levels, both inside and outside the classroom. Our AMEP lecturers look forward to exploring this relatively new territory further,” said Rohan Lawlor, Acting Principal Lecturer.

More about Central’s Adult Migrant English Program

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