Central graduates make their mark at WAFL Final

For the first time in Australian football history, two females will officiate the WAFL grand final.

Central graduates Lauren French and Sally Boud will take to the field as goal umpires for the deciding game of WA football this Sunday.

The pair grew up together and got into umpiring through the encouragement of their high school Maths teacher Warren Beckwith as 15 year olds. Since then the pair has steadily been climbing the umpiring ranks.

Lauren and Sally’s success hasn’t come easily and both have had to make sacrifices to make it to where they are now, as they juggled their umpiring commitments with work and study.

“It’s been tough, we’ve both had to organise our work and study as priorities and make sacrifices, especially with our social lives, said Sally.

Traditionally, AFL umpiring is a field dominated by men. Lauren and Sally have had to work hard to make it to where they are now, but they don’t see it as a disadvantage.

“It’s really exciting and humbling to have the opportunity to perform at the highest level and a great reward for all the effort we have put in. Lauren and I started umpiring together, so it’s fitting that we both take this opportunity together”, said Sally.

Photo by Liam Ducey

Read the full story at WA today

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