Ship to Shore

Ever wanted to know more about all the shipwrecks around Perth? Well now you can, thanks to an app developed by Central’s Graphic Design and IT Programming students.

The lucky students had the opportunity to use their skills on a real world project for The Maritime Archaeological Association of WA (MAAWA), so that the public could learn more about shipwrecks along the WA coast.

The MAAWA are a group of 50 volunteer Ocean Archaeologists with a passion for shipwrecks.

Thanks to a grant from Lotterywest, MAAWA were able to launch their new app technology on 18 November at Shipwreck Galleries, Maritime Museum in Fremantle.

The smart phone application enables access to the MAAWA database of shipwrecks along the Swan and Canning Rivers, and around the shores of Rottnest Island and the Perth coastline.

Ian Warne from MAAWA
Ian Warne from MAAWA

Diploma of Graphic Design student Leigh Maisey developed the concept and design of the app. He was the successful student of a class design project established to create the logo and concept for a ‘Swan River Wrecks’ web page and phone app.

Leigh’s design was so good it was used to obtain quotes from project developers and also featured in the funding submission sent to LotteryWest.

Advanced Diploma of Graphic Design student Melissa Ciputra designed the navigation and interaction for the shipwrecks app. She submitted ‘wire frame’ designs for the phone app, as well as how each page would link to the others. This was then used by the final developers.

The final stage of the of the development of the app was done by Certificate IV in Programming student Ahmed Alsodani, with fellow students Stuart Watt and Nick Henry. They developed a Windows version of the phone app before working on the unique database.

Upon graduating, Ahmad was contracted by the Developers, Digital Monopoly, to write the phone app for all other platforms and complete the database.

Thanks to the work of these students, 30 years of information gathered by the MAAWA will now be available to the public. Walkers, tourists, school groups, boating and diving enthusiasts and anyone with a desire to experience this unique insight into WA history, will be able to easily access and interact with information about local shipwrecks.

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