Eastern influences stay with six West Australian Designers

Japan is a land of great culture attention to detail and profound levels of organisation, which was experienced first hand by six lucky Central Interior Design students and their lecturer, Julie Fowell.

In late September, a select group of Interior Design students went on a study tour of Tokyo and Kyoto, Japan, to learn about Japanese interior design and culture.

For many it was the first time on an overseas trip, but for all, it soon proved to be an eye opening and inspiring experience.


The overwhelming response from the students was surprise at the attention to detail prevalent in Japanese design and how well they used space. Design student Amy Owen found that the trip gave her a whole new approach to interior design.

“Seeing the ways the other students learn and create their interior spaces was so interesting. They take a more architectural approach to their designing, where as we go for a more decorative approach. We were able to see the same space we had previously worked on, be transformed”, she said.

It was the attention to detail that struck fellow student Nicole Hollingshed.

“The study tour has motivated me to pay more attention to the little details in design as I noticed so much of their architecture and interior design was detail focused”, she said.


Wendy Hopper enjoyed mixing with the Japanese students to see how they went about designing.

“It was quite fascinating to see their approach was to build the physical space with model making skills while we put pen to paper and worked on our design in a different method and medium.”

The tour included visits to subway stations, castles, temples, gardens, shrines, teahouses, historical districts and the opportunity to participate in a local college workshop. The students have now returned to their studies with some long lasting travel memories, coupled with a greater awareness of the vast possibilities within the world of design.



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