Open the Palace

Picture Courtesy of: Rob Duncan/The West Australian


It’s just three days until Central is transformed by the Fringe fiesta as Noodle Palace do their thing throughout the classrooms and gardens of the 25 Aberdeen Street campus.

A good time to find out a little bit more by chatting to one of the founding fathers, Aaron Rutter…

When did Noodle Palace form?

It was in 2012.  I was working at the JumpClimb office on Beaufort St with Paul Fletcher.  We were already involved in events and music promotion etc. and decided we wanted to continue in our quest to make things happen in this city of ours and formed Noodle Palace, teaming up with producer/performer Tomas Ford.

How did you get the name?

At the time the JumpClimb offices backed onto an old, quirky and relatively unknown factory producing noodles and we thought “Yeah, let’s use that”. We added the Palace to reflect the cabaret style of shows that we produce and naturally bring a dash of glamour.

Where did you start out?

Our first location was literally a house on the corner of Beaufort Street and St Albans Avenue, where the location was voted Best Independent Venue of the 2013 Fringe.  Last year we were at the grand old Piccadilly Theatre in the City.

How did you get to come to be at Central?

We’ve now understood the importance of air conditioning.  No, seriously, I was over at the Edinburgh Fringe looking to source acts and  I noticed that their festival had been utilising local education institutions for years and I thought it would be a good idea to try and introduce that to the Fringe.  It’s fantastic that it got to happen so quickly. We are thrilled to have a home at an Institute in such an ideal location for Perth Fringe Festival and one with such a rich history of training in the arts.


The Central building has been transformed into a bustling four theatre space, complete with rooftop bar and plays host to 64 acts and over 300 shows across the next five weeks.




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