Forget Star Wars, this is Noodle Wars

Armed with only a permanent marker and their creativity, local artists are transforming a blank, 15 metre canvas into a giant, Noodle Palace themed mural.

Local artists, Ferly, Monday, Buello and Shrink are using their artistic skills to create a giant mural in the rooftop bar at Central, as part of the Fringe Festival.

Dubbed ‘Noodle Wars’, the mural is inspired by the Noodle Palace’s oriental theme and features a dragon, Chinese house and of course the Noodle Palace octopus.

But this is no ordinary mural; each artist builds on the work of the previous artist, to create one cohesive piece.

The first piece by Ferly, features a dragon and the Noodle Palace octopus, while the second piece by Monday, shows a Chinese house, or noodle palace, in which you can see the same octopus being diced up to be cooked.


The different artists’ styles and inspiration, combine to create a unique piece of artwork, perfect for both Noodle Palace and Fringe.

Noodle Wars is just over halfway complete and will continue to be added to over the duration of Fringe. Don’t miss out on a chance to see art created before your eyes, while relaxing in the comfort the rooftop bar.


To see Ferly’s idea and inspiration behind his piece in the Noodle Wars, click here

To see Monday’s idea and inspiration behind her piece in the Noodle Wars, click here


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