The People Have Spoken

And the winner is… Susan Flavell.

That’s right, Central sculpture lecturer extraordinaire, Susan Flavell, has won the Bankwest People’s Choice Award, for her work, ‘The Shimmer’.

This year the Bankwest Art Prize Exhibition was re-configured to feature only three-dimensional artwork. The prestigious title remains the largest art award for sculpture in the state.

The complete exhibition features 17 of WA’s most talented sculptors, who each created a new piece.

Subjects ranged from the political to the very personal, with devotion to the three-dimensional form tying the works together.

As winner of the People’s Choice Award, Susan joins a select group of WA artists and receives $5000 worth of art materials to continue with her work, courtesy of Bankwest.

The Chimera, an unreal creature, with an implausible shape and identity, inspired Susan’s work. The Chimera has become a byword for idle fantasies, the impossible, perverse imagination and for the temptation of imaginative exhalation.

Susan uses everyday materials such as cardboard and paper mache to create her sculptures. The cardboard is used as lines in a three-dimensional drawing, to outline the construction and thought process used in the piece.

Congratulations Susan on your well-deserved win.

To see Susan’s work and the best of WA sculpture, head to the Bankwest Gallery, 300 Murray Street. The exhibition runs until 6 March.

For more information on the BankWest Art Prize and the other Sculptures, visit Bankwest website.

For more information on visual art and sculpture courses at Central click here.

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