Fringe benefits

Working full time in a job he hated but lacking confidence to try something new, it took a hugh leap of faith for Ryan Meotti to enrol in a Certificate III in Printing and Graphic Arts (Graphic Design Production) at Central. Now with a competition win under his belt, Ryan knows he made the right decision.

Ryan designed the winning entry to create a logo for Noodle Palace at Central, a Perth Fringe World Festival venue, a partnership between JumpClimb events management group and Central Institute of Technology, utilising Central lecture theatres and rooftop garden. JumpClimb worked with Central Graphic Design Production lecturers to run the competition, giving students an opportunity to work on a live project directly with industry and a real client.

“Winning the logo competition has meant more than you’d imagine,” Ryan explains.

“Combined with the amazing support, inspiration and encouragement from my lecturers, winning this competition has given me belief in myself. To have only been studying for six months and to have taken the win so early in my studies was the clarification I needed that I’m on the right path and that any doubts I had in my creativity were void.”

Following the success of the logo competition, Ryan was also asked to paint a mural on the DJ Booth in the Noodle Palace gardens, a task he admits was daunting.

“I wasn’t extremely confident but I didn’t want to lose face so in the heat of the moment agreed to it.”

Graphic design student working on Noodle Palace at Central DJ Booth mural
Graphic design student Ryan Moetti working on DJ Booth mural for Noodle Palace at Central

“The structure loosely resembled a boat so I wanted to base my design on that somehow. If I’m honest, I felt like my design was ambitious and well above my painting ability but it ended up being fine and I was happy with the final result. I walked away from that with a fair bit of confidence, which was a welcome change.”

“I couldn’t be more thankful to the JumbClimb crew and I owe praise to my lecturers for they equipped me with the skills required to address a brief of that calibre up to industry standards. Even after I had won the competition the support continued and I was involved in face to face meetings with my lecturers about copy writing, the development of my typeface and basically how to handle myself within the forth coming interactions I would have with JumpClimb.”

JumpClimb Director Aaron Rutter was “simply blown away by the high standard the students achieved within such a short time”.

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