Christian Makes a Stand

It’s that time of year again; where Central and Billy Blue design students prove that they are design industry leaders.

This year, Christian Oshiro won the coveted National Samsung Staron Design Award in the concept category (edition 2) for his Kokoro Stand.

Christian receives award from Fiona Parsons - Specifications Manager, Austaron Surfaces
Christian receives award from Fiona Parsons – Specifications Manager, Austaron Surfaces

The Staron Design Awards is open to any designer, architect, developer or student that has created a project using Staron Solid Surfaces. The awards are designed to create exposure for designers that use Staron in outstanding applications.

As winner of the concept category, Christian created a unique product design using Staron. He designed a mid-floor shoe display in the shape of a heart for shoe boutique Melissa.

Melissa is a Brazilian company, which prides itself on customer care, a value, which translates into heartfelt, pure, honest products.

Kokoro in Japanese means heart, the feelings, spirit or essence of an individual. Christian used this concept to inspire his design to represent the culture and values of Melissa.

Adding to the sentiment of the project, Christian dedicated his heart shaped design to his mother, who recently passed away.

The design that could be created in one continuous surface with no joins using Staron, has received high praise from the judges.

”This design extracts the essence of the Melissa brand – it’s geometric shapes and colours – merges it with an abstracted heart shape and infuses it with emotion and meaning, while understanding the potential of the Staron product to create such a sculptural solution”, said Stephen Varady of Stephen Varady Associates.

Which clearly should be the final word here!

Christian with Central's Design portfolio staff
Christian with Central’s Design portfolio staff


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Display image care of Samsung Staron Solid Surfaces

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