Shouna Shines

As a 15 year old, following a long stay in Sudan, Shouna seized control of her studies and chose to leave school and go to Central and be responsible for her own learning. Through hard work and some guidance from Central staff, Shouna completed her studies in 2011 with a Diploma of Human Resource Management and a pathway for further study at university.

How did you come to be at Central?

In 2010 I travelled out of Australia for the first time to Sudan with my family. While there I saw how the students enjoyed their school studies and had good relationships with their teachers. This was something I didn’t have back home in Australia. The holiday was planned was for six months but I was supposed to return early to go back to school.  However, I decided early in the holiday that I would attend Central instead.

Both of my parents had done courses in Central and enjoyed them, plus I was ready for a change of scene. When I returned to Australia I was lucky enough to speak to someone who mentioned the Launch Pad training program and I immediately enrolled and prepared for an awesome first semester at Central.

What courses did you choose and why did you choose them?

I began with the Certificate III Launch Pad program and then did a Certificate IV in Human Resources Management, before finally completing my Diploma of Human Resources Management. The reason I chose the Launch Pad was because I wanted to take control of my own learning. While on holiday in Sudan I saw how my cousins where treated like adults and teachers trusted them and spoke to them with a sense of respect.   I was envious and wanted the same thing. I wanted a learning environment where I was responsible for my own learning.

The second course I did was Certificate IV in Human Resource Management,

After successfully completing the Cert IV in HR, (where I was the youngest member of the class) I wanted to continue. Doing the Diploma was the next, best thing for me to move on to. I loved the demanding workload and completed it all in the set timeframes with no issues.

What has been your journey since leaving Central? 

After finishing my studies at Central I successfully entered Curtin University. From 2012, I have been completing my Bachelor of Commerce where I major in Human Resources Management.  The courses I completed at Central certainly set down a clear path for me of what I should be doing.

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