Film skills taken beyond Madagascar

Former Central student Immanuel Bertaut is now implementing the skills that he learnt into his business on Reunion Island, 950 kilometres off the coast of Madagascar and 6000 kilometres from Perth.

Immanuel studied Film and Television at Central’s Northbridge campus. Since graduating in 2009, he has returned to Reunion and set up his own successful filmmaking business, employing several people, and catering to the advertising and music video market.


Immanuel also is involved in a program where he takes classes of underprivileged and at-risk youth to teach them basic filmmaking skills, and show them the possibilities that a career in filmmaking can achieve.  The training helps give them hope for the future despite their personal situations during teenage years.

Immanuel believes it is important to pass on his knowledge of how to achieve success against the odds.

“I had the chance to study with very good lecturers in Australia.  Now I see it as part of my duty to help give some of this privilege back to others, and I do this here in Reunion.  I help underprivileged youth in a program by teaching them filmmaking skills that might help them to start on career paths abroad,” he said.

He explained how his time in Perth gave him the platform to launch his career.

“I went to Perth because I heard about a very good film school that could be accessed through the Australian VET system. Everything I learned has been very helpful in my career as a filmmaker. I am still using the skills I learned there every day.”


Information about Film and TV courses

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