Hatched Artists Spread Their Wings

“Creativity takes courage” said Mr Henri Matisse. A sentiment echoed by art students Marcia Espinosa Chellew and Marina Kaillis, who have been selected for PICA’s upcoming Hatched exhibition.

Being accepted is no small feat, with only 35 artists selected from across Australia.

After a nail biting wait, Marcia and Marina were extremely honoured and humbled to be included in WA’s premier graduate art exhibition.


By Marina Kaillis
By Marina Kaillis

Year on year, Hatched is inundated with high calibre submissions.

Marcia was thrilled to make the final cut.

“I was extremely happy and very grateful. It is big honor to be selected to exhibit; it is also a great incentive to continue developing and believing in my work. Exhibiting at PICA will be amazing because many people will appreciate, interact and connect with the artwork”, she said.

For both Marcia and Marina art has been a long time passion, and one that they were not always able to pursue.

For Marcia, her art started many years ago, but had to be put on hiatus while she raised her three children.

While for Marina, work had got in the way.  She barely had time for a few casual classes before finally coming to Central.

“I was working full-time until 2011, and although I had taken a couple of art classes over the years, I hadn’t been able to devote the time to make art until I commenced the Visual Arts course in 2012”, she said.

For Marcia and Marina, art is a life long passion and being accepted into this prestigious showcase is a great opportunity to share their work and one more step in their courageous, creative journey.

Find information on Visual Art course at Central here.

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