Ingrid’s swimsuits the PICA the bunch

Going where no arts organisation has gone before (well, since last year), the PICAnauts braved the Rottnest channel swim last weekend to raise money for WA arts.

Last year, on their maiden crossing, the PICAnauts shocked the competition by finishing on time and raising over $5000.

This year’s all female team consisted of PICA’s director, Amy Barrett-Lennard, Rotto Channel Swim Alumni Curator, Leigh Robb, Exhibitions Coordinator, Nadia Johnson and former Communications Manager, Renae Coles.

Propelling the PICAnauts across the channel is their desire to bring greater exposure to the role arts and culture play in building a healthy community.

The $10,000 target they hope to raise will go towards supporting artists in PICA’s 2015 Artist in Residence program.

To make sure they were swimming in style, the PICAnauts recruited local artist Tarryn Gill, who worked in collaboration with bespoke designer/dressmaker and Central Fashion and Textile Design lecturer, Ingrid Zurzolo.

The duo developed ‘West Coast Geometric’ swimsuits for the intrepid swimmers.

Each swimsuit was individually designed and sported a variety of block colours to suit the ‘Arty Sportivi’ brief.

While the PICAnauts might not have been the fastest team, they were certainly the most stylish.

Find information on Fashion and textile design at Central here.

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