Public Art FORMing

From 10 to 19 April, the Northbridge and Leederville campuses will be transformed with live artwork, as part of FORM’s Public 2015 campaign.

Local and international artists will convert blank spaces in each campus into murals to bring public art to Central and the community.

This year’s artists include Ukrainian duo AEC and Waone, known as Interesni Kazki (‘interesting stories’ in English), as well as Stormie Mills, E.L.K, Fudge and Brett Chan from Australia.

Interesni Kazki will feature in the Northbridge campus and use their surreal and poetic imagery to create their mural on the 25 Aberdeen St building.


The adjacent Museum Street meanwhile, will see the blank carpark wall turned into a tribute and memorial to the late Robert Hunter, founder of Perth’s Hip hop scene by stencil artist E.L.K.

Leederville on the other hand, will act as a canvas for Australian artists Stormie Mills, Fudge and Brett Chan as they add their colour and creativity to the old buildings.

For the last ten years FORM has been working to build ‘a state of creativity in Western Australia’.

Projects like Public bring art into our public spaces, to spark conversation and engagement in and by the community.

FORM is committed to bringing simple creative programs like Public to WA, simply to promote the public good.

For more information about Public visit FORM’s website

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