Events in Practice

Study is the perfect time to meet new people, learn new skills and put them into practice to prepare for what lays ahead.

Based on the reactions of students and industry, the future is bright for Central Events students.

During March, Events students tried their hand by helping out at the Perth Bridal Fair and Sculptures at Bathers.

The work experience saw the students participate in real industry events and gain valuable insights into working in the industry.

The students turned theory into practice as they helped organise and run the events with great success.

Like most students, James Fagan found working at Sculptures at Bathers to be an invaluable experience that put what he was learning into perspective.

“As a Certificate three student, it was a perfect environment to sample the events world and immerse myself, without too much responsibility. 
It was refreshing to attend an activity that was relevant to the course I study. I was able to see how different areas of the course were put into practice and use what I had learnt in communication, networking and customer service,” James said.

“I believe most of the students learnt some valuable skills from the interaction with the general population, the staff at Kidodo and Tony and Pam Jones,” he continued.

But it wasn’t just the students who found the experience rewarding, Perth Bridal Fair Director, Kym Oates was overwhelmed by how professional and enthusiastic the students were.


“I just wanted to say how amazing the Central Tafe students were this year. They were by far the best we have had yet. I received so many wonderful, positive comments from exhibitors, staff and models about the group of girls that helped out over the weekend”, she said.

The tremendous support of industry work experience from students and industry alike is proof of the balance of theoretical and practical learning at Central.

Central’s Events training that gives you more than knowledge, it gives you industry experience to put you at the head of the pack.

For information on Central Events training click here

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