Solid Gold Career Change

Leandro Martins is a fine example for anyone searching for the courage to follow their dream and switch careers.

At 50 years old he proves its never too late to take a leap of faith do something you love.

A recent Jewellery graduate from Central, Leandro has won the coveted West Australian Graduate of the Year Award (GOTYA), judged by the Design Institute of Australia’s WA branch.

He is now in the running for the top prize in the Australasian Graduate of the Year Awards (AGOTYA).

AGOTYA is the primary program for emerging designers; it is a portfolio based awards program for final year design students and recent graduates.

He will compete with the top state graduates from Australia and New Zealand in Melbourne’s Federation Square later this year.

Although only recently changing career to a full time artist, Leandro has always had a passion for art and creativity.

In his previous occupation as a toolmaker, he relished every opportunity to be creative, but it wasn’t enough, finding himself doing more and more projects to satiate his creativity.

For Leandro the rat race wasn’t for him, he found working in a job he didn’t love and waiting for retirement was like living backwards.

“An individual who centralizes themselves into investing all their efforts into a retirement has, metaphorically, been on a voyage with shades down, and fails to see the beauty of life passing by”, he said.

If you feel like life is passing you by and you want a change of career, but don’t know how to achieve it, Central has a range of courses for whatever you’re interested in, and the experience to help you get there.

For a list of available course at Central click here 

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