Albert’s creativity goes rusty

Design student Albert Furfaro proudest achievement is happening now as he strives to improve his design skills in a dream role at Rusty Surfboards.

This role is the latest milestone for this multi-talented graphic design student who was recently honoured as Central Institute of Technology’s Vocational Student of the Year (Diploma level).

Knowing from an early age that design was the vocation for him, Albert stood out not just for his dedication to his craft, but his desire to help his fellow peers improve their skills as well.

“I will always help out, no matter if you’re my competition or my best friend”, said Albert.

“I believe I can contribute my experience both in the workforce and learning environments (both good and bad) to help future years of design students to push themselves to be better”.

Illustrating this perfectly was his creation of ‘Square One’ an initiative organised through the Australian Graphic Design Association (AGDA) WA.  This provides a platform for young designers to secure initial employment and exposure in a highly competitive industry.

Showing a community focus with his work completed for not for profit organisations,  Albert has also boosted his family’s businesses through the creation of websites and online payment tools.

Facing a few challenges as he completed his Advanced Diploma of Graphic Design at Central, Albert made it across the finish line and his design was used as the branding for the final year exhibition and splashed across the Perth campus.

His broad resume also includes being selected for a national wine label design competition and gaining an internship with The Brand Agency.

Albert believes Central was the perfect vehicle for him to get where he needed to go.

“The lecturers are a great inspiration and have pushed me to greater heights than I would ever thought I could reach”, he said.

“During my studies many all-nighters were pulled and sometimes I began to think my ideas had no depth.  I found the feedback and critiques of fellow students, friends and lecturers helped me to gain confidence and submit a final body of work that I never thought possible.”

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