Darren’s builds on strengths to tackle IT

Darren Dorshorst, winner of Central’s Access and Diversity Student of the Year Award 2015, has always been interested in computers and technology. With his physical limitations, he has found studying a Certificate III in IT (Network Administration) a suitable and interesting training path.

“I chose to undertake this training for many different reasons. I was out of the work force for a decent amount of time, which meant finding work I could do was proving to be difficult. Learning new skills so I could find not just a short time job, but rather a career in a field I was passionate about weighed in when deciding on a future for myself. Getting out of the house, meeting new people and making new friends was also a factor and something for me to look forward to.”

Although Darren found the return to study a challenge, his determination, friendship from fellow students and the motivation from his lecturers that helped him through to produce work that he was proud of.

“I feel my written communication skills have improved greatly thanks to the positive helpful feedback received from my lecturers on my projects.”

Darren is already using his knowledge to assist his friends and family with complex IT issues.

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