Award winner Jordan makes photography his business

Central Awards 2015 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Student of the Year, Jordan Morich, has built the confidence and skills to look forward to a successful career as a professional photographer. Jordan is enrolled in a Certificate IV in Business and has used the opportunities to get hands on experiences and challenge himself to put what he has learnt into practice in his chosen field of photography.

“To know that the training and hands on experiences provided by Central and the Koolark Centre could help me to improve my personal and professional abilities to the point where my photographs are good enough to be printed in a popular newspaper and seen by thousands of people is incredible. To be able to learn surrounded by people who share a common goal is great, it allows us to learn from each other and make personal and professional acquaintances.”

“Studying with the Koolark Centre offered excellent opportunities to attend events and take photographs and meet some well-known Indigenous Australians such as jazz musician Lois Olney, actor/singer Della Rae Morrison and Indigenous chef Mark Olive,” Jordan said.

“I think the creative industry needs more young Indigenous Australians and having someone to look up to is important.”

One thought on “Award winner Jordan makes photography his business”

  1. Fantastic Jordan! You are an inspiration. Thank you for your time and generosity in helping me with work even when you have so much going on. Fantastic news and well deserved. Congratulations.


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