Tahlia’s not long out of school, but all set to teach

Tahlia Dorrington has packed a lot into her 18 years, with the latest milestone being named Central Institute of Technology’s VET In Schools Student of the Year.

Driven by a love of children and passion for aiding their growth and development, Tahlia decided to train to become an Education Assistant.  She saw the VET in Schools pathway as an ideal first step, as it would enable her to continue working toward her WACE Certificate while attaining a Certificate III in Education Support.

“This meant I would be fully qualified by the time I graduated Year 12 and it would allow me to enter the workforce immediately”, she said.

When she first began, she discovered that a big part of teaching, oral communication, was by no means her forte. However, the extensive work experience she undertook as part of the requirements of the course allowed her to develop and refine her speaking skills.

Clearly she made giant strides during the training as following one work placement she was described by a teacher as ‘the best workplace student she had seen in over 34 years of teaching and that she would employ her in a heartbeat.”

The VET pathway wasn’t all a breeze for Tahlia.  At times she found challenges with developing effective techniques for dealing with troubled children and knew a VET course may bring with it some extra pressure at senior school.

However she saw it as being worthwhile in the long run.

“I now want to share my experience with others who may be considering a VET pathway and show how, with dedication, they can come out of high school being fully qualified, with an upper hand on many of their peers”, she said.

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