Trainee award winner Deanna finds career path

Deanna Scorda, winner of Central’s Trainee of the Year 2015 Award, has found completing a Certificate III in Government, a life changing experience. Deanna’s traineeship at the Department of Attorney General gave her the opportunity to learn about the various business areas and the Department as a whole. She is well on her way to achieving her long term goal of progressing her career as she has already gained a permanent position.

“I have developed many skills throughout my traineeship including communication and correspondence, finance, policy writing and customer service. In addition, I learnt new software applications and have the ability to train staff,” said Deanna.

“The achievement I am most proud of is completing my traineeship units within six months, securing higher duty acting opportunities and most of all, securing permanency in the tenth month of my traineeship. I credit these achievements to my strong work ethic and being surrounded by motivating people who encourage excellence from all.”

Deanna was awarded Trainee of the Year at Central’s gala Student Awards night and has been described by her lecturers as a sensational individual who unknowingly inspires those around her. Deanna is now the face of traineeships for people with a disability within the public sector. Her diplomacy, humility and willingness to help others with their careers is already making Deanne an ambassador for training in Western Australia.

“I have had many opportunities to help other trainees and have embraced public speaking opportunities, in particular for Persons with a Disability Week and for the Department’s Disability Access and Inclusion Plan. I endeavour to set a high example to the other team members and always have a helping hand if needed. Having a disability has trained me to be able to solve problems, think flexibly and efficiently, empathise and represent people from all walks of life,” said Deanna.

“In the future, I hope to continue to promote the Traineeship Program (in particular Disability Traineeships) throughout the Department.”

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