Making Houses Livable

Walking up stairs, going to the bathroom, having a shower and even getting through the front door are things most of us take for granted, to the point that we forget the importance of such simple essentials.

Central Building and Residential Design students were charged with designing a ‘Liveable Home’, an accommodation that incorporates universal access. Awards were on offer to the students with the best designs.

Liveable Homes is an initiative by the Disability Services Commission, designed to increase the number of homes in WA built with universal access with the ultimate goal to make it standard practice.

Mark Hutson, Senior Disability Access and Inclusion Officer, described the Liveable Homes project as both socially responsible and financially sustainable and it already has backing from leading WA building firms.

‘Creating Liveable Homes is economically and socially sustainable because not only does it make the home available to more people, it also requires far less modification in the future for people with temporary or long term disability’, he said.

Professionally presenting their final designs, the Central students had to include the six essential features of a Liveable Home, while adhering to Australian building regulations.

This included a flat level walkway to the entrance, wide entrance doorways, wide internal doorways and halls, accessible toilet on the entry level, an accessible shower of the entry level and reinforced walls in the bathrooms and toilet.

Michael Pitsonis and Michelle Jessup earned the Liveable Home design awards, while Niall Blaney was highly commended, but the students weren’t without their challenges.

‘The stairs were the biggest challenge, the shape of the block made having the stairs suitable for a stairlift really difficult’, Niall said.

Congratulation to the winners and everyone involved in the project.

For more Information on Liveable Homes click here

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