Sims in Real Life

Sometimes the best way to learn is not out of a book, but by getting stuck in and getting your hands dirty.

In 2015, VET in schools students studying Certificate II in Health Support Services are enjoying a more practical course delivery.

The new model features simulated work environments at the Mount Lawley campus including simulated hospital wards and the REACH clinic.

Simulated work environments allow students to practice different Health Support Service roles on a rotating basis, facilitated by their lecturers.

Over the duration of the course each student will experience being Team Leader, Ward Clerk, Infection Control Officer, Hygiene Technician, Transport Officer, Laundry Technician and Stores Technician.

The roles rotate every two weeks so each student can develop skills and experience a variety of Health industry tasks.

Students must work together to ensure each task is completed while filling in the worksheet checklists so it runs like a real health clinic.

To supplement their learning, students take part in a number of excursions throughout the semester including, completing their sustainability training at the GreenSkills Training Centre in East Perth, tours of the other Central campuses to see the other courses on offer and a community project with St Bartholomew’s in East Perth.

After completing Certificate II, students can progress to Certificate III in Health Services Assistance, as part of the VET in schools program and then onto further health related study.

Simulated work environments give the next generation of Health professionals the experience they need to apply their skills and knowledge in the real world.

For information on all VET in schools courses click here

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