Art Appeal

They call Australia the lucky country and for good reason.

Not only do we have access to healthcare, shelter, food and water, in Australia education is a right and not just for the privileged.

In so many countries this is not the case.  People struggle to put food on the table and a roof over their heads, let alone access education.

Central art student Jodie Mortadza saw this struggle first hand during a recent trip to Laos and is doing what she can to change it.

Jodie is using her passion for art to raise much-needed funds for remote communities in Laos.

“After my last trip to Laos, in December last year, I saw how many children missed out on education and basic human needs, especially suitable shelters”, Jodie said.

“Many girls are forced to live miles away from home if they want to attend school; they live in terrible conditions, in makeshift shacks. It’s just not safe”.

Since her trip to Laos, Jodie has been made a member of the Global Hands Charity Board and is committed to making a difference.

She is now preparing for her first fundraising event, The Laos Exhibition, taking place on Friday July 10, at the Central Institute of Technology Art Gallery at 12 Aberdeen Street, Northbridge.

The event will include a mixed media art exhibition, a Laotian style night market, live music and refreshments.

Funds raised will go towards building new dormitories and education programs in Laos.

To book a ticket or find our more click here.



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