Industry field trip strengthens corrosion knowledge

A group of six Advanced Diploma of Engineering (Oil and Gas) students recently participated in a field trip to APPLUS RTD’s storage and training facility. APPLUS RTD is a non-destructive testing service provider. The students used the opportunity to apply the knowledge they are learning in their course – in particular the importance of equipment integrity management and identification and mitigation of corrosion issues.

“The field-trip’s purpose was to provide contextualised, practical and real-life examples of what different forms of corrosion look like on oil and gas equipment and the inspection tools that are used to identify them, and analyse their severity”, said Alvin Saldanha, the students’ lecturer.

APPLUS representatives Alan Simpson and Alex Bosman shared their knowledge on how to identify different types of corrosion and how to interpret inspection results. They also thoughtfully answered questions the students had pre-prepared.

Diploma of Oil and Gas Engineering students field trip to learn more about corrosion

“APPLUS was happy to collaborate with Central Institute of Technology and provide a unique opportunity for students to visit an operating oil and gas facility to connect what they learn in the classroom and laboratory to what actually happens in industry,” said Alan, APPLUS Training and Technical Quality Advisor.

Alan was impressed with the formative, yet contextualised skills and knowledge the students had acquired in a short space of time, the keen interest they took in connecting their classroom and laboratory learning with what actually occurred in industry and finally their commitment to following Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) rules and applying “Duty of Care” principles.

The highlights for the students were

  • the demonstration of Ultrasonic Inspection tools which picked-up defects caused by corrosion, and how that information should be interpreted,
  • the opportunity to visually inspect corroded equipment or material samples taken from real-life operating oil and gas facilities, and
  • a comprehensive presentation with photographs and radiographs showing different forms of corrosion on different onshore and offshore operating facilities in Western Australia and how they were inspected using computerised radiography.

Diploma of Oil and Gas Engineering students field trip to learn more about corrosionThe students enjoyed the opportunity to broaden their knowledge of the types of corrosion and how they are detected, as well as seeing a demonstration of the types of inspection equipment used in industry.

Central wishes to thank APPLUS and their on-site representatives for granting our students this unique learning opportunity.

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Article contributed by:

Alvin Saldanha, Lecturer, Oil & Gas Engineering.

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