Central training program making inroads in Africa

Central’s successful bid for an Australian Aid Infrastructure Skills for Development (IS4D) project drew on staff expertise in project management training and language and literacy support. The Australian Government launched the IS4D Program to build Africa’s public-sector capacity to plan and oversee the delivery of priority infrastructure projects.

The IS4D Program supports the ambitious Programme for Infrastructure Development for Africa (PIDA) adopted by African Heads of State in 2012. Central’s principal in the IS4D program is Cardno Emerging Markets (Australia) Pty Ltd, the contract manager of the Australia-Africa Partnerships Facility on behalf of the Australian Government.

The IS4D program opened in Johannesburg earlier this year with a week-long workshop for the 36 participants, all senior staff involved in large infrastructure projects spanning twelve African nations. Central has developed a customised training program incorporating an action learning model, with current road, rail and port infrastructure projects forming part of the participants’ assessment.

Central staff presenting a workshop for IS4D program
Central lecturer Sophie Hugon presenting in the workshop in Johannesburg.

The program runs for ten months, with the first stage being individual training needs analysis conducted by Central lecturing staff during an onsite visit in Johannesburg. The three specialist staff members Alain Otto, Sophie Hugon and Margaret Langford were all French speakers, a real asset to communication at this early stage of the project. Gaps were then identified and each participant received a customised learning plan. The training component of the project is being run online, following careful consideration of the unique issues of the location, specifically internet speed and power outages.

Students receive extensive support, from an in-country technical mentor with infrastructure experience, to language and learning support. At the completion of the program, the participants will have completed units in an Australian project management award.

More information:

Contact Portfolio Manager Enterprise, Maree Tabb via email Maree.Tabb@central.wa.edu.au for more information about Central’s progress in the IS4D program.

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