Northbridge project gives Georgie a taste for design work

Georgie Clifford was one of a group of 19 design students who recently completed an intense internship through Guerrilla Creative, a newly formed collaborative network for emerging designers established by a couple of design graduates. The interns worked in teams on developing a concept for an actual restaurant project in Northbridge, with the result being a presentation to the client and a wealth of real-world experience.

The interns heard guest speakers from industry and then worked up a concept encompassing branding, the interior space, social media and a range of other elements for the restaurant project. They met with the client directly and learnt valuable lessons in client communications.

“I was given invaluable information on key elements that need to be considered before concept development. These are things that cannot be specifically taught within the classroom. Guerrilla Creative also allowed me the opportunity to work within a collaborative environment with people I did not know, from a variety of different design backgrounds. This enhanced the concept development process and gave me insight into the importance of working alongside many different creatives and how this can push the creative boundaries,” said Georgie. Georgie is studying a Bachelor of Interior Design (Commercial) at Billy Blue College of Design, run in partnership with Central Institute of Technology.

“Guerrilla Creative is aiming to bridge the gap between education and industry for all the creative talent in Perth – across a range of disciplines. We want them to #makeyourmark across Perth and help contribute to the amazing transformation that is happening to our city. Formal education provides the starting point, Guerrilla Creative will provide continued support, development and networking for those that are passionate about their career in design”, explains Guerrilla Creative founder Kerrie Allen.

Kerrie founded the not-for-profit internship program with fellow graduate Christian Oshiro and Central lecturers Kyri Tombouloglou and Peter McCormack to support the student and graduate design community. (You can read about Christian Oshiro’s award winning work here). 

Guerilla Creative founder Kerrie Allen chats with student Georgie Clifford
Georgie Clifford (left) in discussion with Guerrilla Creative founder Kerrie Allen.

“We have just finished the pop-up studio internship with our very first group of interns. The vibe in the studio was upbeat, honest and hard-working – and we are so proud of the commitment from all 19 interns and amazed at the level of work they have produced in such a small space of time. They will now leave the pop-up studio and continue to work collaboratively within their groups in readiness to present to the client in a few weeks’ time,” Kerrie said.

Photographs courtesy of Shoshana Kruger Photography.

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