Living the Journalist Dream

Want proof that studying at Central can open up career doors? Look no further than Emily Baker.

Emily recently received a highly prized and sought after cadetship at Channel 7 to take her dream of being a journalist to the next level.

Her cadetship will teach her television reporting from the ground up. She will receive guidance from a senior mentor, have reporting duties and generate content for the daily news bulletins.

For years being a journalist has been Emily’s dream and has worked diligently to get there, through study and experience.

“I’ve always been interested in people, their stories and the world around me – I thought journalism would be the ideal job”, Emily said.

She started her journey right here at Central, completing a Diploma of Mass Communication before entering the second year of a Journalism Degree at Curtin.


Emily credits Central for giving her the practical skills and knowledge that not only got her into the second year of university, but set her apart when landing her dream job at Channel 7.

Having left Central, Emily now has a great appreciation for the skills she learnt while doing her Mass Communications Diploma.

“It provided me with a practical and hands on skill set including how to edit, film and present. I believe these practical skills were especially handy while on work experience at the TV stations, as it gave me a great understanding of how a news story is put together from filming, to voicing, to editing”, Emily said.

Emily’s practical and flexible skill set, combined with her passion and persistence has set her ahead of the other 100 applicants and landed her the prestigious role.

So if you want to find the job of your dreams, chances are Central can help you get there.

Central Diploma of Mass Communication

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