Boom Killed At The RadioStar

For the first time ever Central’s Boom Radio had the opportunity to compete against college radio stations from around the world and guess what… we won, twice.

2015 was the first year that applications outside of the USA and Canada have been accepted for the RadioStar Awards.

Boom Radio, Central’s student-run music station, won two awards including Best Music Show for the local music program Booms Backyard, a show dedicated to promoting local music including Central music student’s recordings.

Boom Radio also won Best Artist for a radio station that introduces, promotes and supports a local artist to the college platform. Boom introduced Kat Wilson, a former Central music student to the college radio scene with great success.

RadioFlag is an organisation dedicated to supporting and promoting college radio. It presents the RadioStar Awards to celebrate and reward the fresh original content of college radio and elevate it to a larger audience.

The RadioStar awards feature a panel of judges consisting of radio industry professionals, RadioStar Blog writers, and RadioFlag interns who all share a passion for college radio while still ‘keeping it real’.

With Boom Radio confirmed as an international leader, it shows out students are tuned in to original broadcasting.

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