Success to Counterpoint Design

It’s funny how often a parent or grandparent can unknowingly inspire and direct us down a certain path. For Peter Milligan, the unsuspecting catalyst was Grandad Frank.

Peter, an Industrial Design Advanced Diploma student, recently won the Beacon Lighting Award for his Counterpoint Light, at the Furnitex VIVID event held in Melbourne earlier this year.

His inspiration stemmed from his childhood where he watched his grandad tinker and fix household items.

“My grandad Frank was a pretty extraordinary handyman, fixing things and solving household hiccups with basic hand-tools and salvage yard materials.  As a kid I watched him tinkering with vacuum cleaners and wooden toys in his meticulously ordered shed”, Peter said.

Peter didn’t go directly into design; he completed a double degree in chemistry and geology first, which he now uses to inform his design. He enjoys finding alternate ways to do things through experimentation and an unwillingness to accept the status quo.

Peter’s award winning light, demonstrates his ability to think outside the box, without compromising on a simple, striking and balanced design.

The Counterpoint Light consists of a stoneware base, a carbon rod and 3D printed plastic cone. While the materials themselves are common enough, the way the materials are assembled is unconventional.

“It is a balancing act but it’s also a very simple mechanism. The weight of the ceramic base is important and again I’m not sure if it was a happy accident or a familiarity with the material that lead me to it first”, Peter said.

Central students consistently lead the nation in contemporary design and this year is no exception. Congratulations Peter on receiving the Beacon Lighting Award for 2015.

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