Planting the Seeds of Success

When you pursue something you love, at times it can be a long hard road, particularly if it’s as competitive as the music industry.

Central’s Xanthea O’Connor and Alumni member Bex Chilcott (AKA Ruby Boots) recently secured grants from The Seed Fund, and organisation that aims to facilitate a range of initiatives for local musicians.

The Seed Fund is not for profit and was founded by John Butler and Danielle Caruana (AKA Mama Kin) to help local musicians and managers get the most out of themselves and the industry.

Advanced Diploma of Music Business student, Xanthea was one of two Perth music business people to be selected for The Seed Fund program, Management Workshop. This workshop is a one-stop shop for practical strategies to manage artists that are establishing themselves and to gain insights from industry experts.

Xanthea O'Connor
Xanthea O’Connor

For Xanthea, this is the second piece of good news her management career has seen recently. Earlier this year, she received a $10,000 grant from the Department of Culture and the Arts for managing the artists, Joni in the Moon.

Meanwhile, Diploma of Music Business graduate, Bex Chilcott received funding from The Seed Fund for Professional Management Support. This funding provides her with a greater ability to roll out campaigns and deliver strategies for the artists she manages by supplementing her income as a manager, especially in times of heavy workload and limited commission.

Bex Chilcott
Bex Chilcott

Bex, better known by her artist name, Ruby Boots, has been going from strength to strength. She recently received a record deal from Universal and returned home from her first U.S. tour.

With the help of initiatives from organisations like The Seed Fund, combined with lots of hard work, the dreams of ‘making it’ in the music industry become that little bit closer for artists and managers alike.


For more information:

The Seed Fund

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